Tips To Help You Prevent The Recurrence Of A Plantar Fasciitis Sports Injury

Plantar fasciitis is a common heel injury that occurs when the foot ligaments known as Plantar Fascia become overly stressed because of excessive pressure. Heel pain is a common symptom of a plantar fasciitis and it's possible for this injury to recur if you fail to protect your feet properly. The tips provided below can help you prevent the recurrence of a plantar fasciitis.

Learn the Correct Foot Posture

Maintaining the wrong foot posture during sports, especially during sports that involve running or high impact sports, is one reason you're likely to incur recurrent plantar fasciitis. So it's vital that you learn the most appropriate foot posture for your leg type that does not strain the plantar fascia ligaments.

Visit a podiatrist at a clinic like Chatswood Foot Clinic for an analysis of your foot biomechanics, which will help your podiatrist to observe your foot movement. After that your podiatrist will be able to create a training plan for you that will help you learn the most appropriate foot posture to maintain when moving, landing or running.

Warm Up and Cool Down Appropriately

You can protect your heel from incurring another plantar fasciitis injury if you cool down and warm up properly after and before your sport. Remember that stretching is very helpful and should be one of the main cool down and warm up exercises you do after and before sports.

So make sure that you learn the most effective stretches for your foot that help in minimising the chances of incurring a plantar fasciitis injury. Visit a sports podiatrist who may guide you on how to stretch your foot before and after exercise so as to prevent recurrent plantar fasciitis.

Train Your Heel Appropriately as It Heals

After incurring your first plantar fasciitis, make sure you train the heel appropriately so as to remould the scar tissue. Remoulding the scar tissue helps in adjusting the ligaments and scar area, so that the injured area heals properly without becoming lumpy, advises Physio Works. Also, if the scar tissue doesn't orientate properly when healing, the tissue is more likely to tear again in the future.

So make sure that you lengthen and orientate the injured tissue properly as you heal. Visit a professional medic or podiatrist to remould the scar tissue using the recommended exercises, massage and gentle stretches. Remember that remoulding the scar tissue is vital because it helps you to regain the ideal range of motion on your heel.

Plantar fasciitis can recur easily if you fail to observe precautionary measures that enable you to protect your heel from incurring another injury.