Looking To Employ? Have Your Employees Get A Pre Employment Medical Assessment First

If you are planning to employ people for field-related jobs such as mining, agriculture or transportation, it is paramount that you have them screened through a pre employment medical assessment. This is a process where the prospective employees are medically evaluated to see if they have any existing conditions or injuries that you ought to know before hiring them. As an employer, insisting on pre employment medicals has lots of advantages as explained below.

Reduce risk of injury at work

Safety is the most important consideration during field-related jobs. As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that your employees and anyone they deal with stay safe during work operations. However, certain health conditions may pose safety risks to your workers and the public. For example, if a prospective employee has visibility issues, it would be a big risk to put them in charge of operating heavy machinery. A pre employment medical therefore allows you to avoid such safety risks and the resultant downtime that would be caused when employees cause accidents at work.

Reduce liability claims and insurance claims among staff

Whenever an accident happens at work, you as the employer face the risk of being charged with a liability suit or insurance claims by the affected parties, be it the employees involved or the affected public. A pre employment medical allows you to avoid this by not placing people with certain risks in job positions where those risks could lead to accidents or medical emergencies. For example, a prospective employee with respiratory problems should not be placed in a worksite where they are exposed to dust or certain allergens.

Avoid work safe penalties for injuries and accidents occurring at work

Having your prospective employees screened before employment also helps you to avoid getting into trouble with the government. The law has very strict provisions when it comes to work safety. Pre employment medicals ensure that you stay on the right side of the law by not employing people with medical conditions that could escalate and/or result in work accidents. This saves you from lawsuits and penalties that could greatly inhibit your firm's operations.

Place your employees in their strongest positions for better productivity

Pre employment medicals are not just about denying work to people with certain conditions. It's a great tool that allows you to better place your employees in positions that suit them best. For example, employees with great physical stamina can be placed in the most physically demanding positions while those with high levels of coordination can be placed in charge of complicated machinery. This helps you to keep productivity and efficiency at high levels throughout.

There are many facilities that offer pre employment medical assessments throughout the country. Have them undertake tests on your employees before employment and even throughout employment to enjoy the benefits mentioned above.