Benefits of Remedial Massage Following Breast Augmentation

Following breast augmentation, patients are advised to avoid lifting with their upper body and to spend time resting while they recover from the operation. For people who are used to regular heavy exercise this can be hard, both emotionally and physically. Here are some ways that remedial massage can help patients to manage this recovery process with minimal pain and discomfort. 

Lengthening muscles

For people who have good muscle tone and fitness, regular exercise helps to keep muscles long and encourages a lean and toned appearance. If the person is not exercising these muscles, they may contract and shorten over a period of time leading to an uncomfortable feeling of tightness and soreness in the unused muscles. Massage can help to stretch and lengthen these muscles to reduce discomfort without the load bearing that can affect the healing of the body. 

Encouraging blood flow

Doctors now tend to encourage light exercise as soon as possible after an operation. Not only does this make the patient feel better, but it can also encourage a healthy blood flow to the area which is healing, which can help to optimise the healing process. Massage can help to encourage blood flow to the areas and muscles groups which cannot be used yet which can help to reduce swelling and discomfort and improve healing. This can also help to optimise the appearance of the breasts. 

Reducing stress

Many active people find that exercise is an important part of their stress management exercise. When this important way of managing stress is removed, and the patient feels less capable and may be experiencing some pain, it can be easy to get stressed and struggle to manage normal day-to-day issues. Massage can be a good way to reduce stress no matter what your physical capabilities. 

Massage of surrounding areas

Many patients find that the weight of the breast implants can place some surprising stresses on the shoulders and back once recovery has largely finished and they move back into normal (no longer post-surgical) bras and swimwear, particularly when a relatively large and heavy implant has been used. Massage can help to reduce the tension and pain in the surrounding areas such as shoulders and neck so that the patient is comfortable. 

Remedial massage can be a good way for breast augmentation patients to have a comfortable recovery from their surgery and to have the fastest possible recovery time. If you are planning a breast augmentation, it can be useful to ask your surgeon for any recommendations for massage therapists in your area.