Dancing Delights | 3 Smart Physiotherapy Tactics To Extend The Longevity Of Your Dance Career

As a budding professional dancer, you'll want to do everything possible to boost your performance, especially when you're looking to break into the big leagues. But with so much competition out there, how can you cut through the clutter and emerge successful? The answer may lie in something you never imagined before –– physiotherapy. This commentary equips you with smart tactics to extend the longevity of your dance career.  

Speed Up Injury Healing Through Specific Exercises

When you dance, you naturally use and put pressure on a significant number of muscles in your body, especially the ones in your legs, torso and hands. For instance, you could easily sprain your ankle or hurt your shoulder while performing certain dance steps. Many dancers tend to dance through the pain, hoping that it will eventually subside. But without proper physio to address these problems, you'll end up causing greater harm to your body. You can use physiotherapy to speed up healing of your injuries using specific exercise tactics. For example, specific exercises for strained ankles include regular calf stretching and shin strengthening. Eventually, these smart moves will enhance the longevity of your dancing career because you won't cause any long-term damage to your body.

Build Stamina And Core Muscles To Boost Performance

The best thing about physiotherapy is that it helps to build stamina and strengthens your core muscles, which ultimately reduces your risk of pain or injuries. A weak core is one of the most dangerous issues many dancers face because it can lead to major injuries and can prematurely end dancing careers. With greater stamina, you can add new routines and techniques to your performance, allowing you to compete at higher professional levels and dance for longer periods without feeling fatigued –– allowing you to extend your dancing career for much longer.

Follow Conditioning Treatments Judiciously To Prevent Injuries From Occurring While Dancing

Injuries are common to dancers who spend countless hours every day perfecting complex moves. Your physiotherapist may prescribe certain conditioning treatments to reduce risks to your body while you dance, so follow them judiciously if you're looking to avoid getting injured. Dance conditioning exercises focus on graded strengthening of high-impact areas like shoulders and ankles to help you prevent injuries as much as possible during dancing. Conditioning treatments may involve hands-on massages to relax tight muscles or strengthening exercises to keep your body fit for a long-term dance career.

Dancing is a passion, but it can often end thanks to career-threatening injuries. Follow these key tactics to extend the longevity of your dance career.