Want to Keep Lower Back Pain Away? 5 Simple Solutions To Handle It

Many adults experience back pain at some point in their lives. The pain can last several days to a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, you may also experience chronic pain, which might require specialised medical attention. However, you can prevent mild and chronic back pain in several ways. They include the following: 

1. Exercise Regularly

When you stretch regularly, you increase your flexibility and reduce your chances of lower back injury. Engage in exercises that build core strength to enhance the stability of your spine. Essentially, you should exercise for thirty minutes, at least five days a week. If you want to make exercising a habit, create a practical exercise routine in your daily schedule.

2. Rest Your Back

Back pain comes with a lot of inconveniences. The worst part is that trying to identify a suitable position to lessen the pain can make things worse. To avoid this, you may want to lie down on your back and position your legs up at a ninety-degree angle. Note that prolonging relief poses will weaken your muscles, slowing the recovery process. You can also use heating pads to prevent back spasms.

3. See Your Doctor Regularly

No matter your age, regular visits to a medical practitioner are essential for your back's health. So, make it a habit to visit a physician annually, whether you have back issues or not. Your physician might identify a hidden back issue that could be troublesome in the future. When they detect an underlying back condition, they will prescribe medication from the wide range of available options.

4. Lose Weight 

Although your spine should carry and distribute your body weight, excess weight will strain the spine. With time, the spine wears out. So do your spine a favour by shedding some extra pounds. Are you wondering how to go about it? Talk to your physician and plan an effective weight loss, diet and exercise plan.

5. Maintain the Correct Sitting Posture

If you have a desk job, you have to place your feet on the floor and ensure that you use a chair that supports the lower back. Using the correct sitting posture will lessen your chances of experiencing lower back pain.

Prevention is better than cure. Fortunately, you can prevent back pain by following some of the practices that hinder this condition, such as those discussed above. But, more importantly, visit your physician when you begin to experience back pain to receive specialised care. They can provide more information regarding lower back pain solutions.