Two Tips for Contact Lens Wearers Who Need to Visit an Eye Care Clinic for an Eye Test

Do you wear contacts? Are you also planning on visiting the eye doctor soon? Here are a couple of tips for contact lens wearers who need to visit an eye care clinic for an eye test. 

They should remove their contact lens before their appointment at the eye care clinic 

Unless their optician requests that they wear their contact lenses to their appointment, those who wear these lenses should remove them before the appointment and wear their glasses to the eye care clinic. This is especially important for a person to do if they are somewhat new to wearing contacts, are still adjusting to using them and it takes them quite a long time to remove their lenses (as this could cause a delay at the start of their appointment). Those who take this advice may want to bring along their contact lenses.

The reason for this is that the optician will almost certainly need to examine the person's eyes without their lenses in them for some important parts of the eye test. They will need to do this when, for example, having the patient read the letters on the eye chart, to check if their vision has changed and they need a new contact lens prescription. However, as mentioned above, it's sensible for those in this situation to bring their contact lenses with them, as the optician may also want to examine their eyes with the lenses in them, to see if the lenses are causing any irritation or other issues, and also to see if the patient's eyesight is good when wearing them.

They should bring a list of any contact lens issues they're having to the eye care clinic

Those in this situation should also, before their appointment, make a list of any issues they have experienced with their contact lenses so that they can then discuss these with the optician at the clinic. This is important, as contact lenses can cause a greater number of issues for wearers than glasses. Doing this before their appointment will mean the patient won't forget to mention a problem that their optician needs to know about.

If for example, the patient remembers to mention that their eyes are getting very dry and bloodshot throughout the day when they wear their contacts, the optician might suggest that they switch to contact lenses that are more breathable than their current brand of lenses. This could allow more oxygen to reach their eyes, which could, in turn, help to keep their eyes healthier, more hydrated and less bloodshot.

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